Before Cedar Roof Restoration - West Vancouver

West Vancouver cedar roof with years of moss and algae growth

After Cedar Roof Restoration - West Vancouver

West Vancouver cedar roof repaired, treated with moss and algae roof treatment, washed and protected with our Natural Colour Cedar Roof Protective Stain

Cedar Roof Restoration North Vancouver - After

18 year old cedar roof has been repaired, treated with our eco-friendly moss & algae treatment, washed, cleaned, and protected with our Weathered Grey Cedar Roof Stain

Before Cedar Roof Restoration - West Vancouver

West Vancouver cedar roof with years of moss and algae growth

Cedar Roof Cleaning & Restoration

Is your Cedar Roof over 7+ years old?

Do you see warped and lifted Cedar shakes on your roof?

Are there any missing or splitting Cedar Ridge caps?

Chances are if you can say YES to any of the questions above, your roof is likely a good candidate for our Cedar Roof Restoration Service.  Many times homeowners are led to believe that they need to replace their old cedar roof when in all actuality all that is needed are some minor repairs, a good cleaning and the application of our Cedar Roof Treatment called Cedar Seal . Not only will our Roof Restoration renew your old cedar roof but you’ll have saved thousands of dollars in comparison to Re-Roofing as well.


Our Cedar shake Treatment will protect and provide longevity to your Cedar Roof by protecting it against:
​U.V Damage  |  Moss & Algae Growth  |
  Warping & Cupping  |  Splitting & Cracking

Below is a detailed overview of the Complete Roof Restoration Process

1. Inspect It

Our Roof Technician will complete a fully detailed Roof Inspection to locate any damaged or missing Cedar Shakes and Cedar Ridge Caps, Broken or Cracked Vents, Gutters damage, Insect and rodent infestation and any other deficiencies found


2. Repair It

Our Cedar Roof Experts will then replace any rotting, loose or missing Cedar Shakes/Cedar Shingles. All Cedar shakes/Cedar Shingles and Cedar Ridge Caps replaced are of Premium Grade and are CCA Pressure Treated (10 Year Warranty).

3. Clean It
Next, our Cedar Roof Experts will protect and cover all vegetation, patio furniture, vehicles, recreational equipment (boats, RV’s) with tarps to prevent any damage to your property or to your neighbors. We then apply a environmentally-friendly Moss & Algae Cleaning Solution to remove heavily grayed areas and remove the dead wood fibers caused by sun damage. Our Roof Experts will then use a low-pressure, high-volume power wash to remove all moss, fungus, debris and dirt away from your roof

4. Treat it
Now that your cedar roof is repaired and clean, it’s time for our Cedar Roof Experts to protect your roof with one of our Eco-friendly, Long-Lasting Cedar Roof Treatments called Cedar Seal. This Environmentally Safe Premium Roof Treatment is formulated with a unique blend of natural oils and resins which provides unsurpassed protection against the damaging UV rays and other destructive elements especially associated with roof shakes such as mildew, moss, fungus, lichen, cracking, warping, cupping.  

5. Guarantee it
Now that your Cedar Roof has been Inspected, Repaired, Cleaned and Treated by Enviro-Green, your roof looks virtually brand new! Not only that but Enviro-Green Roof Restoration stands behind its work and provides all homeowners with a 5 Year Warranty on all Product and Workmanship.