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Pressure Washer on Stairs

Exterior  Cleaning

Instant Curb Appeal

You would think that with all of the rain Vancouver receives that it would always be clean and exterior cleaning would be a thing of the past, but unfortunately that is not the case. Due to this you are going to have to contact us.
First off, before we even start power washing any surfaces, we will treat all areas with our Eco-Friendly Moss & Algae Treatment. This will lift up years of dirt and grime and protect your surfaces from any organic regrowth.

We offer Power Wash & Soft Wash services for:

  • Siding (Water Broom used for Vinyl Siding)

  • Deck & Patio

  • Sidewalks & Driveway

  • Fences & Retaining Walls

Roof Moss Removal Services


  • Moss Removal

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Application of Moss Treatment

  • 2 Year Moss-Free Warranty

Cedar Roof Repair, Cedar Roof Cleaning, Cedar Roof Stain


  • Shake & Ridge Cap Repair & Replacement

  • Moss Treatment + Roof Wash

  • Application of Cedar Protector

  • Warranty

residential tile roof cleaning


  • Tile Repair & Replacement

  • Moss Treatment & Roof Wash

  • Application of Tile Protector

  • Warranty

Vancouver power washing services


  • Driveway & Sidewalks

  • Patios/Decks

  • Window Cleaning

  • Power Washing

  • Siding & Stucco

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