Vancouver Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal - Before

Before Roof Cleaning, Roof Moss Removal, Moss Treatment

Vancouver Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal - After

After Roof Cleaning, Roof Moss Removal, Moss Treatment

Richmond Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal - After

After Black Algae & Black Stain Removal

Vancouver Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal - Before

Before Roof Cleaning, Roof Moss Removal, Moss Treatment


Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Safely Remove Moss, Algae, Mould and Black Stains from your Roof!

Due to our wet, humid climate on the west coast, roofs throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are often plagued with a combination of Moss, Algae, Fungi, Lichen and ugly black streaks on their roof.  Not only is it unpleasing to the eye but it also causes significant damage to your roof shakes/shingles if not protected and maintained. If left unattended year after year, it will likely result in water leaks and/or the premature replacement of your roof.

Moss, Algae, Fungi, Lichen all thrive in areas on your roof that primarily face north, receive little or no sun, and have areas of the roof are covered or shaded by overhanging trees/branches. As well, loose debris on your roof such as pine needles and leaves create shade and provide an excellent breeding ground for Moss, Algae, Fungi so it is very important to clean the roof off yearly to minimize any and all organic growth.

No matter where you live on the west coast whether it’s South Surrey or West Vancouver, Moss, Fungi, Algae and Black Streaks will inevitably start growing on your roof if not properly protected and cleaned on a regular basis. Moss, Fungus, Algae and Black streaks will attach itself to all types of roofing material including Asphalt, Cedar, Clay, Slate and Composite materials (Recycled plastics etc) and will damage the roofing shingles.


Long term affects of Moss, Fungi, Algae and Black Streaks on your Roof will cause:



  • Shingle Granule loss

  • Lifting of Shingles & Shakes

  • Rotting of Wood Shakes

  • Water Leaks

  • Water Retention

  • Drainage Issues

  • Soffit Damage and Rotting  

Our Roof Moss Removal & Treatment Process

At Enviro-Green we let Mother Nature do the heavy work. This eco-friendly Moss/Algae Treatment is specifically designed to gradually kill all Moss, Algae and Lichen safely from all types of Roofs without any pressure washing. In some cases we may have to remove large clumps of moss before we apply our treatment however within 7-14 Days you will see all living green moss turning to a brownish rusty colour which means it has died or dying. At this point every passing wind and rain storm will gradually blow off the dead moss, and over time, the rain will wash 85%-95% of the black Algae stains off your roof.


Our Organic, Chlorine-Free, Moss/Algae Treatment is Hydrogen Peroxide based and will not harm any vegetation, pets or children. It will also not stain or damage yours or your neighbors property. 

18 & 24 Month Moss-Free Warranty

Enviro-Green Roof Restoration guarantees moss will not develop on your roof for 18-24 months from Treatment Date (depending of service chosen). If any moss should redevelop on your roof within the specified date, Enviro-Green Roofing will retreat any affected

area(s) free of charge. 


Depending on the amount of Moss, Black Streaks or Lichen, the condition and location of your roof, this procedure should be done once every 2-4 years to remain moss and stain free.