Burnaby is situated between Vancouver to the West and New Westminster to the East. Since Simon Fraser University sits at the top of Burnaby Mountain, the range in elevation in Burnaby is anywhere from sea level to 370 meters. Burnaby’s landscape consists of ridges, hills, valleys, and alluvial plains. Like most of the Lower Mainland, Burnaby’s climate is mild and receives roughly 54 inches of precipitation per year.


Burnaby is made up of several different neighbourhoods such as:

  • Sun Crest             

  • South Slope             

  • Middlegate                 

  • Buckingham Heights  

  • Maywood              

  • Garden Village          

  • Cascade Heights       

  • Willingdon Heights

  • Burnaby Heights    

  • Capitol Hill               

  • Brentwood               

  • Lochdale

  • Montecito              

  • West Ridge              

  • Sullivan Heights        

  • UniverCity    


The topography throughout Burnaby can allow moss and algae to grow and thrive on your roof. Most asphalt shingle roofs will have moss on the North sections of their roof and will have black staining or discoloration from Algae on the remaining roof sections. Burnaby also consists of many concrete tile roofs as well. These porous, wavy or flat tiles vary in age throughout the city however remain quite popular. Moss and Algae can be very detrimental to a tile roof after years of neglect, along with heavy accumulation of moss, can shift or move the tile, allowing water to enter. It is imperative to have your tile roof cleaned and maintained each year as a failure to do so could result in high cost for roof repairs and/or replacement. Enviro-Green Roof Restorations has several options available to safely remove the moss and algae from your roof safely.


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