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Moss Removal
Process & Warranty 

Safely Remove Moss, Algae, Mould & Black Stains from your Roof!

Due to our wet, humid climate on the west coast, roofs throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are often plagued with a combination of Moss, Algae, Fungi, Lichen and ugly black streaks on their roof.  Not only is it unpleasing to the eye but it also causes significant damage to your roof shakes/shingles if not protected and maintained. If left unattended year after year, it will likely result in water leaks and/or the premature replacement of your roof.

Moss, Algae, Fungi, Lichen all thrive in areas on your roof that primarily face north, receive little or no sun, and have areas of the roof are covered or shaded by overhanging trees/branches. As well, loose debris on your roof such as pine needles and leaves create shade and provide an excellent breeding ground for Moss, Algae, Fungi so it is very important to clean the roof off yearly to minimize any and all organic growth.

No matter where you live on the west coast whether it’s South Surrey or West Vancouver, Moss, Fungi, Algae and Black Streaks will inevitably start growing on your roof if not properly protected and cleaned on a regular basis. Moss, Fungus, Algae and Black streaks will attach itself to all types of roofing material including Asphalt, Cedar, Clay, Slate and Composite materials (Recycled plastics etc) and will damage the roofing shingles.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Process


  1. Inspection and Assessment of your Roof

  2. Gentle Brushing, Sweeping, and Removal of Moss and other Debris from Roof Shingles

  3. Blow off Roof

  4. Blow Out Gutters + Clean-up

  5. Installation of Downspout Filters in Gutters to Ensure Proper Drainage

  6. Application of eco-friendly, Hydrogen Peroxide based Moss & Algae Treatment to all Roof Sections 

  7. Includes 2 Year Moss-Free Warranty 

Application of Roof Moss Treatment

Our Moss Treatment Process involves applying a heavy coat of our eco-friendly Moss Treatment to all sections of the roof. As we apply our Organic, Hydrogen-Peroxide based Moss Treatment, you will immediately see your roof foam up and turn white. What you are seeing are the billions and billions of active hydrogen-peroxide bubbles penetrating the organic matter living on your roof.  As the Moss Treatment runs down the roof and into the gutters, you will see that the moss treatment is brown and dirty as much of the organic growth is being carried away during the initial application. In time, and with significant rainfall, the rest of the moss and black stains will continue to fall off and fade away leaving your roof looking virtually brand new again.

Our eco-friendly Moss treatment ensures that we do not have to use any abrasive techniques including power washing or harsh chemicals such as Chlorine Bleach to remove all organic growth from your roof.

Depending on the severity of the roof stains and age of the roof, sometimes two applications of our moss treatment may be necessary to lift-up and remove years and years of algae growth.


Moss-Free Warranty

Enviro-Green Roof Restoration guarantees Moss will not develop on your roof for 24 months from Treatment Date. If any moss should redevelop on your roof within the specified date, Enviro-Green Roofing will retreat any affected

area(s) free of charge. 


Depending on the amount of Moss, Black Streaks or Lichen, the condition and location of your roof, this procedure should be done once every 2-4 years to remain moss and stain free.

Asphalt Shingle Moss Removal & Treatment Process

Almost every single roof in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland will have some sort of organic growth on it as our climate provides the perfect environment for moss and algae to grow. Left unattended year after year, the moss will grow and ingrain itself into the shingle, essentially loosening the protective granular coating that provides protection to the rubber matting underneath it. To ensure minimal granular loss, we gently brush/broom the surface of the shingles removing the medium to large clumps of moss and allowing the moss which tightly ingrained into the butt end of the shingle to be removed by the moss treatment gently over time.

Cedar Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Process

Cedar Shake & Shingle Roof Cleaning can be completed two different ways depending on the age of your roof, desired outcome, and budget. Cedar roofs are either cedar shake or cedar shingle, what differentiates itself from each other is size, thickness and type of cut; flat grain or edge grain. Most roofs in Vancouver are 5/8” cedar shake and generally last up to 20 years before replacement is needed.

If you would like to Restore or Renew your old Cedar Roof, please check out our Cedar Roof Restoration Service and find out how to add instant curb appeal and longevity to your cedar roof

Tile Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Process

Tile Roof Cleaning can also be completed a few different ways depending on the desired outcome and budget. Tile roofs come in two shapes: Rippled or Flat. The Rippled Tiles are often on older homes as these types of tiles have now been replaced with a modern looking flat tile. Flat Tile Roofs are generally easier to clean versus rippled tile as the concave/convex texture of the ripple tile makes it tough for brooms, brushes, and small hand tools to remove moss which is ingrained into the tile.

If you would like to Restore or Renew your old Tile Roof, please check out our Tile Roof Restoration service and find out how to add instant curb appeal, protection, and longevity to your tile roof

Roof Moss Removal Services


  • Moss Removal

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Application of Moss Treatment

  • 2 Year Moss-Free Warranty

Cedar Roof Repair, Cedar Roof Cleaning, Cedar Roof Stain


  • Shake & Ridge Cap Repair & Replacement

  • Moss Treatment + Roof Wash

  • Application of Cedar Protector

  • Warranty

residential tile roof cleaning


  • Tile Repair & Replacement

  • Moss Treatment & Roof Wash

  • Application of Tile Protector

  • Warranty

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