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Pitt Meadows Roof Moss Removal & Moss Treatment Services
Best Pitt Meadows Roof, Gutter & Moss Cleaning Company

Pitt Meadows Roof Moss Removal & Roof Cleaning Services

Over 90% of the roofs in Pitt Meadows are either Asphalt Shingle, Durroid or Fiberglass Laninate. Since the vegetation in and around homes is not an issue like North Vancouver, generally most roofs do not experience much moss growth on their roof. However, if you have a lighter colored shingle you may be seeing black stains or discoloration which can be very unsightly-this is algae. Many homeowners are made to believe that the stains are permanent and cannot be removed, however that is not true. Our organic, Moss and Algae Roof Treatment will kill all moss spores on your roof, and over time the rain will gently clean and fade away the black stains on your roof. This process ensures no power washing or soft washing of the roof is necessary as that type of cleaning should never be permitted on an Asphalt Shingle Roof.

If you are interested in our Roof Moss Removal and Treatment process or would like to schedule a Roof Cleaning Services such as Gutter Cleaning, please click on one of the services below.

Pitt Meadows Roof Cleaning, Roof Moss Removal & Moss Treatment Services


  • Moss Removal

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Application of Moss Treatment

  • 2 Year Moss-Free Warranty

Pitt Meadows Cedar Roof Cleaning & Roof Washing, Repair & Maintenance Services


  • Shake & Ridge Cap Repair & Replacement

  • Moss Treatment + Roof Wash

  • Application of Cedar Protector

  • Warranty

Pitt Meadows Tile Roof Cleaning, Tile Roof Washing, Tile Roof Repair & Maintenance Services


  • Tile Repair & Replacement

  • Moss Treatment & Roof Wash

  • Application of Tile Protector

  • Warranty

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Location & Topography


Pitt Meadows is located North of the Fraser River and directly West of Maple Ridge. It is a small agriculture community that is intertwined with the municipality of Maple Ridge. Its topography and mature neighbourhoods are very similar and consist mostly of rancher or bi-level style homes.

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