Often referred to as “Poco”, Port Coquitlam is situated along the Pitt River, just east of Coquitlam and west of Pitt Meadows. It is the regions main freight terminus for all rail cargo coming east to west.


Port Coquitlam is made up of several different neighbourhoods such as:

  • Mary Hill               

  • Oxford Heights                

  • Birchland Manor                

  • Sun Valley



If you own a home in the south section of Mary Hill, you won’t need to maintain/clean your roof nearly as often the rest of the homes in Port Coquitlam as the trees are fairly small and do not provide much shade to your roof. Roofs in other neighbourhoods such as Oxford Heights, Birchland Manor and Sun Valley will undoubtably experience moss and algae growth as the tall trees around their homes will drop debris on the roof such as branches, pine needles, leaves which provide the nutrients for moss to flourish. Homes in these areas should have there roof and gutters cleaned 1-2 times per year and should have the roof treated with a moss and algae treatment every 2-3 years to maintain a clean, moss-free roof.


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